Roy C. Park

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Home networks currently dominated by human–object or human–human information production, exchange, processing, and paradigms are transitioning to machine to machine (M2M) due to the sudden introduction of embedded devices. Recently, due to the spread of IT equipment, more M2M-related devices are being used, and M2M-based projects are underway in various(More)
Improving traffics flow represents a critical situation due to recent increases in traffic volume, despite continuous construction and extension of highways and national roads. Therefore, an effective traffic control and management method using advanced technologies is required in order to relieve traffic congestion. An intelligent transportation system(More)
As the elderly population has rapidly increased in recent years, people aged 60 and older now constitute 20–30 % of the population in developed countries. Due to reduced overall mental and physical functionality, people have developed various chronic degenerative diseases related to the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. An aging society leads to(More)
Telemedicine health created from the combination of IT and BT technologies has received increased attention for improved quality of life in medically vulnerable regions. As the health care paradigm shifts to preventive management in diagnosis and treatment, the importance of prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity is growing. In this paper, we(More)
As society continues to integrate information-based technologies into daily life, there is an increased need for small, powerful mobile phones. Recently, relaying technologies have been researched for standardization of the next generation of mobile communication systems, including third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) LTE-Advanced, IEEE 802.16j, and(More)
The term u-City implies a next generation information city with innovative general functions that improve the convenience and quality of city life, guarantee safety and welfare through systematic city management, and create new businesses by combining advanced information communication infrastructures and ubiquitous information services with urban spaces. A(More)
As an interest in health and disease has increased, medical service has changed to prevention of disease and health care from treatment oriented service. Medical service industry is creating various services and added value for promotion of health. Aging, extension of life expectancy, increase in lifestyle and income growth have brought about a change in(More)