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We introduce cloud micro-elasticity, a new model for cloud Virtual Machine (VM) allocation and management. Current cloud users over-provision long-lived VMs with large memory footprints to better absorb load spikes, and to conserve performance-sensitive caches. Instead, we achieve elasticity by swiftly cloning VMs into many transient, short-lived,(More)
PURPOSE To compare the dose uniformity of difluprednate ophthalmic emulsion 0.05% (Durezol(®)) with both branded and generic prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension 1% under different simulated patient usage conditions. METHODS Drug concentrations of difluprednate emulsion, branded prednisolone acetate suspension (Pred Forte(®)) and generic(More)
A basic building block of cloud computing is virtualization. Virtual machines (VMs) encapsulate a user’s computing environment and efficiently isolate it from that of other users. VMs, however, are large entities, and no clear APIs exist yet to provide users with programatic, fine-grained control on short time scales. We present SnowFlock, a paradigm(More)
As part of the greater effort to find a cure for cancer, Igor Jurisica’s group at the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI) is running a project to improve the throughput of protein crystallography [4, 5]. When proteins crystallize, their structure can be determined by observing the refraction of X-rays. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict under which(More)
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