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We describe two complete sets of numerical invariants of topolog-ical conjugacy for linear endomorphisms of the two-dimensional torus, i.e., continuous maps from the torus to itself which are covered by linear maps of the plane. The trace and determinant are part of both complete sets, and two candidates are proposed for a third (and last) invariant which,(More)
These notes combine an analysis of what the author considers (admittedly subjectively) as the most important trends and developments related to the notion of entropy, with information of more “historical” nature including allusions to certain episodes and discussion of attitudes and contributions of various participants. I directly participated in many of(More)
Our interest in the general noise-performance limitations of electron devices will continue along the lines we have followed during the past year. Much has been accomplished with respect to conventional tube and transistor amplifiers, and even with respect to the one terminal-pair maser as a negative-resistance device. Parametric amplification, in general,(More)
work (1) it was pointed out that a 2 X 2 matrix can be ascribed to a linear two terminal-pair network containing noise sources. This "characteristic noise matrix" expressed in terms of the rms open-circuit noise voltages E l and E 2 and the impedance matrix Z has the form N =-(Z + z) EE (1) where E is the column matrix E= E 2 and the bar over EE indicates(More)
This section is intended primarily for rapid dissemination of brief reports on new research results in technical areas of interest to IEEE members Contributions are reviewed immediately, and acceptance is determined by timeliness and importance o f the subject, and brevity and clarity of the presentation. Research letters must contain a clear concise(More)
  • J . - P . Devogelaer, M . Warner, +16 authors F . Hartl
  • Osteoporosis International
  • 2009
has been accepted for WCO, ID:OC37; Ost Int (208) 19 (Suppl. 2) and has been updated. OC32 EFFICACY OF MONTHLY ORAL IBANDRONATE IS MAINTAINED OVER 5 YEARS: THE MOBILE LTE STUDY D. Felsenberg1, E. Czerwinski2, J. Stakkestad3, C. Neate4, D. Masanauskaite5, J.-Y. Reginster6; 1Charité-University Medicine, Berlin, DE, 2Krakow Medical Centre, Krakow, PL, 3CECOR(More)
HORTSCIENCE, VOL. 35(6), OCTOBER 2000 Consumer demand for fish has been increasing despite declining ocean fish catches. Aquaculture, the cultivation of freshwater and marine plants and animals, is one of the fastest growing segments of U.S. agriculture. In the period from 1987 to 1992, sales of farm-raised trout increased by almost 20% to over $80 million(More)
  • Roy Adler, T . Alhalel, +100 authors D . ZimmermanC
  • 2003
The CP violation parameter v+is determined through the eigentime-dependent asymmetry in the rates of initially tagged K” and p decaying to ~T+T-. The obtained values are (v+_ 1 = (2.3 12 f 0.043,,,, f 0.030,,,,. f 0.011 TS) x IO-” and 4+= 42.7” f 0.9& f 0.6& f 0.9’&, with Am = (527.4 k 2.9) x IO’hs-’ measured in the same experiment using the semileptonic(More)
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