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A case of craniopagus twins joined in the temporoparietal area is presented, along with a review of the literature on craniopagus. A large area of brain was shared between the neurologically normal infants, with defects in the scalp, skull, and dura. The twins were separated in a three-step procedure. First, areas of shared brain were divided and separated(More)
OBJECTIVES Rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs) used widely in clinical practice are simple to use and provide results within 15 minutes; however, reported performance is variable, which causes concern when novel or variant viruses emerge. This study's goal was to assess the analytical reactivity of 13 RIDTs with recently circulating seasonal and H3N2v(More)
Many assays have been developed for the detection of influenza virus which is an important respiratory pathogen. Development of these assays commonly involves the use of human clinical samples for validation of their performance. However, clinical samples can be difficult to obtain, deteriorate over time, and be inconsistent in composition. The goal of this(More)
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