Roxanne Lieb

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Authors’ Note: Author Janice K. Marques retired from her position with the California Department of Mental Health after the preparation of this commentary. Please address correspondence to Michael Seto, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Unit 1, 1001 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 1H4; e-mail: Good Science(More)
In recent years, both the United States and United Kingdom have developed numerous innovations in legal efforts to protect society from sex offenders. Each country has adopted special provisions for sex offenders. In particular, governments have focused on forms of social control after release from incarceration and probation. These policy innovations for(More)
Washington State's law for sexually violent predators was enacted in 1990; since then, 14 other states have passed similar laws authorizing civil commitment for dangerous sexual offenders following their prison terms. Although the law has survived constitutional challenges at both the state and in the U.S. Supreme Court, a related set of court actions has(More)
ix Chapter 1 Overview of the Report. 2 Chapter 2 Child Sexual Abuse: general issues. 6 Chapter 3 Sex Offender Treatment Programs. 27 Chapter 4 Economic Evaluation: theoretical and methodological issues. 39 Chapter 5 Economic Evaluation: practical issues. 50 Chapter 6 Results and sensitivity analysis. 71 Chapter 7 Findings, future research and conclusion. 81
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