Roxanna Menendez

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Sticholysins I and II (St I/II) are cytolysins purified from the sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus. In this study, we show their pharmacological action on guinea-pig and snail models in native and pH-denatured conditions in order to correlate the pharmacological findings with the pore-forming activity of both isoforms. In guinea-pig erythrocytes (N = 3),(More)
We describe a 3-month-old infant who presented to our institution with interleukin (IL)-1 receptor antagonist deficiency (DIRA), which consists of neutrophilic pustular dermatosis, periostitis, aseptic multifocal osteomyelitis, and persistently high acute-phase reactants. Skin findings promptly improved upon initiation of treatment with anakinra(More)
The acetylchol ine (ACh) r e c e p t o r s y s t e m s of mol luscan ganglia differ widely in the i r sens i t iv i ty to chol iner gic compounds. As well as t radi t ional synapses with Nnicotine" specif ic i ty , and blocked by ~-bungarotoxin , n icot ine, and tubocurar ine [7, 13], mol luscan neurons a lso contain synapses insensi t ive to(More)
The influence of wheat bran as a source of dietary fibre on the excretion of ingested cadmium from diet was studied. The cadmium contents in the diets, faeces, urine, liver, kidney and spleen were determined, as well as the weight gains, the relative weights of the cited organs, and the levels of alkaline phosphatase in serum. No evidence is provided that(More)