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Of Camel Kings and Other Things: Rural Rebels Against Modernity in Late Imperial China
Chapter 1 Prologue Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Anti-New Policy Rural Activism in Historical Context: Taiping and Boxer Preludes Chapter 4 Laiyang, Shandong: Qu Shiwen and the Four MountainsExpand
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Tabriz on the Silk Roads: Thirteenth-Century Eurasian Cultural Connections
Tabriz under Mongol Ilkhanate rule commanded a global reach in the thirteenth- century Afro-Eurasian world. Tabriz functioned during this period not only as a commercial emporium and diplomaticExpand
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The 1911 Revolution: An end and a beginning
The 1911 Revolution was a momentous event in bringing down the monarchical institution with a history of 2,000 years. Yet its consequences were ambiguous, it was overshadowed by the more radicalExpand
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Ilkhanid Buddhism: Traces of a Passage in Eurasian History
Buddhism contributed to the culture and politics of thirteenth-century Eurasian intellectual exchange, depositing literary, artistic, and architectural traces subsequently eclipsed by layers ofExpand
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Dialogues Across Civilizations: Sketches In World History From The Chinese And European Experiences
* Introduction: Opening the Chinese and European Experiences Society And The Individual * The Social and the Individual: Thoughts from Kong Zi and Socrates * Reflections on Gender Relations: ViewsExpand
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Love must not be forgotten —Feminist humanism in the writings of Zhang Jie
The discussion below is based for the most part on the writings of Zhang Jie, an author of the post-Mao era, who addresses the relation ship between women's problems and socialism in her fiction. InExpand