Roxane Andersen

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Variable chlorophyll a (Chl a) fluorescence is composed of a photochemical and a thermal phases of similar amplitudes. The photochemical phase can be induced by a saturating single turnover flash (STF) and reflects the reduction of the Photosystem II (PS II) QA primary electron acceptor. The thermal phase requires multiple turnover flash (MTF) and is(More)
Peatlands support vital ecosystem services such as water regulation, specific habitat provisions and carbon storage. In Canada, anthropogenic disturbance from energy exploration has undermined the capacity of peatlands to support these vital ecosystem services, and thus presents the need for their reclamation to a functional ecosystem. As attempts are now(More)
Following ecosystem-scale restoration of a post-harvested bog in Eastern Canada, a long term monitoring program was set up. Peat, water and plant chemistry data were collected during 7 years in a restored peatland, an adjoining post-harvested non-restored peatland, and in a neighboring natural peatland to determine the potential of chemistry data for(More)
Oil sands mining in the Athabasca oil sands region disturbs large tracts of peatlands as the vegetation-soil layer must be removed. Processing oil sands produces large volumes of wet material containing oil sand process-affected water (OSPW) that has elevated concentrations of sodium (Na) and naphthenic acids (NAs). Attempts to reclaim mined landscapes to(More)
The organic matter accumulation potential of a restored bog was estimated over 2 years as a balance between losses to decomposition and inputs through above-ground net primary productivity (AGNPP) in five micro-habitats of increasing complexity (relating to the moss carpet thickness and the number of vegetation functional groups). Decomposition and(More)
Climate change may cause increasing tree cover in boreal peatlands, and the impacts of this encroachment will be noted first at forested-to-open bog ecotones. We investigate key metrics of ecosystem function in five such ecotones at a peatland complex in Western Siberia. Stratigraphic analysis of three cores from one of these transects shows that the(More)
Wijedasa, Lahiru S.; Jauhiainen, Jyrki; Knnen, Mari; Lampela, Maija; Vasander, Harri; LeBlanc, Marie-Claire; Evers, Stephanie; Smith, Thomas E.L.; Yule, Catherine M.; Varkkey, Helena; Lupascu, Massimo; Parish, Faizal; Singleton, Ian; Clements, Gopalasamy R.; Aziz, Sheema Abdul; Harrison, Mark E.; Cheyne, Susan; Anshari, Gusti Z.; Meijaard, Erik; Goldstein,(More)
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