Roxana Saint-Nom

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An undergraduate course in SP doesn't usually teach analog to digital converters. We think that the concepts involved in SD converters are not only appropriate for senior students, but also a way of developing SP skills when it is assisted by a laboratory assignment. For that purpose we will show how this task can be done and we will highlight its(More)
Starting a new R&D group is always a difficult task. But without funding available, few full time faculty and no tools, its conception becomes a challenge. This paper describes how to overcome these problems. It also deals with technical aspects of speaker verification methodology to justify why it is a proper topic for the new-born group. Preliminary(More)
Teaching signal processing to senior students can be an enjoyable task, provided that they already have a good background in MATLAB programming and filter theory. We describe a laboratory assignment where students have to synthesize music in different ways: additive; FM; through physical modeling; using wavetables. In each case, we emphasize the SP concepts(More)
The goal of this paper is to invite the reader to consider role-playing as a method to train Signal Processing students for professional functions they would undertake in their future careers. Interaction, communication skills and learning purposes of SP concepts are key elements of this approach. An example applied to Analog to Digital converters is(More)
Teaching a speech processing course in an undergraduate engineering program is a challenge, especially in a country where research is not a priority. We address the concerns of providing a suitable training to students, of designing a syllabus under many constraints, of keeping students motivated and of finding the appropriate way of grading. Constant(More)