Roxana Ojeda

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This paper introduces a Gaussianity test for causal invertible time series. It is based on a quadratic form in di erences between sample means and expected values of certain nite memory nonlinear functions of the estimated innovation sequence. The test has, by construction, an interesting property: under reasonable assumptions on the regularity of the(More)
The shape of the transmitted pulse plays an important role in active sonar and radar applications. The advantage of using phase signals for detecting overlapped signals in nonstationary additive noise is analyzed in this work. Approximate phase signals are constructed by means of finite-time sequences having good time-energy distribution. The properties of(More)
A prototype of an enhanced QoS 802.11n circuit using a Tournament Contention Function (TCF) is presented in this article. First, the TCF developed is briefly explained. Then, a simple hardware implementation of this protocol in compliance with the 802.11n standard is proposed and evaluated.
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