Roxana C. Wales

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This paper focuses on the development and use of an ontology and the associated abbreviated names that comprise requests for action of a distant robotic rover during the 2003-2004 NASA Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission, run by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We demonstrate how an ontology can support action in work and create structures for organizing(More)
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  • Investigative ophthalmology & visual science
  • 1977
A rapid, precise, and easy method for measuring ocular volume would be useful in estimating the theoretical tension changes involved in the relation of pressure and volume changes and in estimating areas of different membranes of the eye. Rabbit eyes were weighed in air and then in water, and the mass and volume of each eye was calculated. For eyes between(More)
This paper concerns the relation between people, technology and cognitive work, in planning and scheduling remote, temporally extended telerobotic action. We combined a computational theory of planning with ethnographic methods to design a framework for expressing the intent behind requested science observations for the 2004 Mars Exploration Rover mission.(More)
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