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Fractional order calculus has been used intensively to control various types of processes. The main approaches towards fractional order controllers focus on the single-input-single-output systems. The general design procedure consists in a frequency domain specification of various performance criteria followed by optimization routines. The implementation(More)
Ammonia synthesis is a very important process in the national economy and the column synthesis with the additional expensive equipments justify the necessity of the mathematical modeling, model validation and control system implementation. The work presents some problems of the ammonia synthesis model based on fundamental equations from physics and chemical(More)
Fractional order control has been used intensively over the last decade in the control of various plants, being considered to enhance the closed loop performance, especially for time delay processes. In this paper, a fractional order PI controller is designed for the temperature control in a chemical reactor. The closed loop performance is evaluated and(More)
Cryogenic isotope separation columns are unique equipments used to produce enriched substances in the isotope of interest for many industrial applications. The control of an isotope separation column is a difficult and challenging task, being a highly nonlinear plant with large time constants and time delays. A single column can enrich only to a low level(More)
The present work deals with the control of the liquid carbon monoxide level in a cryogenic carbon isotopes separation column. Due to the fact that the cryogenic carbon isotope separation column is a time and cost consuming process, the authors propose a hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation of the closed loop system prior to the actual implementation with,(More)
Sustainable engineering implies the active management of engineering resources, by cutting down expenses and ensuring the premises for further development. Advanced control strategies offer increased robustness, high reliability and efficiency, but they require fast computation times and powerful numerical resources. Hence, the trend in control engineering(More)
Railway has been playing a significant role in passenger and cargo transportation. Electric railway systems are of growing importance with recent augments on energy saving and environmental friendly. The advantages of electrical railway compared to other transportation systems are cheaper sources of energy, lightweight locomotives, easier maintenance and a(More)
—One of the main elements of a cryogenic (13 C) separation column is the boiler. The control of the power supply which feeds the boiler's resistance is of major importance. In order to ensure a safe and stable operation of the plant, a monitoring and control unit is designed using NI PXI-8183 process computer. The developed LabVIEW TM application implements(More)