Roxana Both

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  • G. Mühlau, R. Both, H. Kunath
  • 1984
In a retrospective study 157 patients with electrophysiologically proven carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) were followed up. Of the 85 operatively treated patients, 86% showed clear improvement or cure, as did 32% of the patients not operated upon. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and linear discriminant analyses indicated atrophy and length of history(More)
  • R. Both, C. von Campenhausen
  • 1978
Pattern induced flicker colors (PIFCs) were generated by means of a modified version of Benham's top, the stimulus pattern of which could be varied continuously during stimulation by the human subjects. The sensitivity of the color sensation to small phase shifts between the periodic stimuli on neighboring retinal areas was recorded under several conditions(More)
Fractional order calculus has been used intensively to control various types of processes. The main approaches towards fractional order controllers focus on the single-input-single-output systems. The general design procedure consists in a frequency domain specification of various performance criteria followed by optimization routines. The implementation(More)
  • R. Both, W. Finger, R. A. Chaplain
  • 1976
The general properties of the excitable membrane on molluscan pacemaker neurons can be described on the basis of a fair amount of experimental evidence available in the literature. The neuronal membrane exhibits under voltage clamp an initial inward current carried by both Na+ and Ca2+ ions, the time- and voltage-dependent characteristics of which are(More)
Fractional order control has been used intensively over the last decade in the control of various plants, being considered to enhance the closed loop performance, especially for time delay processes. In this paper, a fractional order PI controller is designed for the temperature control in a chemical reactor. The closed loop performance is evaluated and(More)
Ammonia synthesis is a very important process in the national economy and the column synthesis with the additional expensive equipments justify the necessity of the mathematical modeling, model validation and control system implementation. The work presents some problems of the ammonia synthesis model based on fundamental equations from physics and chemical(More)
—One of the main elements of a cryogenic (13 C) separation column is the boiler. The control of the power supply which feeds the boiler's resistance is of major importance. In order to ensure a safe and stable operation of the plant, a monitoring and control unit is designed using NI PXI-8183 process computer. The developed LabVIEW TM application implements(More)
Railway has been playing a significant role in passenger and cargo transportation. Electric railway systems are of growing importance with recent augments on energy saving and environmental friendly. The advantages of electrical railway compared to other transportation systems are cheaper sources of energy, lightweight locomotives, easier maintenance and a(More)
The (<sup>13</sup>C) isotope separation column is a complex process with many inputs and outputs. Proper literature is scarce (or inexistent) due to the fact that only a few plants exist in the world and due to data protection issues. In order to design an advanced control strategy, implemented on a process computer in LabVIEW&#x2122;, in the present work(More)