Rowland M. Cannon

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Thick-film resistors are electrical composites containing ultrafine particles of ruthenate conductor (Pb,Ru,O, in the present materials) distributed in a highly modified silicate glass. We show that conductor particles remain flocced in the absence of any applied or capillary pressures, but are separated at equilibrium by a nanometer-thick film of glass.(More)
Abnormal grain growth without strong anisotropy or faceting of the grains has been observed in high-purity yttria-doped alumina specimens, often starting at the surface and spreading right through the bulk at higher sintering temperatures. This appears to occur because of an interaction between Si contamination from sintering and the yttria doping; no such(More)
This paper describes research on the stress-corrosion crack growth (SCCG) behavior of a new series of bioactive glasses designed to fabricate coatings on Ti and Co-Cr-based implant alloys. These glasses should provide improved implant fixation between implant and exhibit good mechanical stability in vivo. It is then important to develop an understanding of(More)
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