Rowena J. Eason

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Chronic suppurative otitis media affected 3.8% of 3500 Solomon Island children under 15 years (and 6.1% under 5 years) and was the sole cause of conductive hearing loss recorded in 265 children tested audiometrically. It was characterised by early onset (65% under 18 months) male preponderance and large central tubotympanic perforations. Measles,(More)
A cross-sectional survey of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dietary patterns has been conducted in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. Three groups--traditional and more urbanized Melanesians and semitraditional Micronesians--were compared. Abnormal glucose tolerance was rare (less than 1% over all) in Melanesians regardless of acculturation,(More)
Four-hundred-and-fifty-six patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) and 137 patients with Crohn's disease (CD) attended public hospitals within Auckland between 1969 and 1978. Polynesians comprised 15% of the population at risk but accounted for only 0.4% of UC cases and no CD cases. Annual incidence rates were 5.4/100,000 Caucasians for UC and 1.75 for CD. CD(More)
A clinical study of the extent and nature of skin disease was undertaken among 10,224 Melanesians in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It was performed concurrently with a survey and selective mass treatment campaign for yaws which has reappeared in the area for the first time in 20 years. For children under 15 years old, prevalence rates for(More)
The clinical records of all patients with scleroderma or Raynaud's phenomenon who attended hospitals or specialist practice in Auckland during the ten year period of 1970--79 were examined. Forty-seven patients were found to satisfy the American Rheumatism Association criteria for progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS). Thirteen of these patients had CRST(More)
The present study describes 53 patients with Addison's disease, who attended Auckland hospitals between 1971-1980, 32 of whom presented for the first time during this period, when the mean annual incidence of Addison's disease was 4.5 cases/million population, and the respective frequency of idiopathic (auto-immune) and tuberculous aetiologies was 92(More)
We report seven cases of influenza-associated deaths in persons under twenty-two years of age, five of whom were previously fit and well, during an influenza A epidemic affecting Auckland city during the second quarter of 1979. Despite intensive care in three of the patients, all followed a similar course of fatal hypoxaemia. The failure of appropriate(More)
A 96 member Melanesian kindred with 31 cases of iron overload is reported. Liver biopsies from 19 of these patients showed features similar to those of genetic haemochromatosis in Caucasians, but in contrast to the previous reported HLA-linked autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance for haemochromatosis, this family shows a pattern that is most(More)
A prospective study of tropical pyomyositis (TP) in the Solomon Islands' Western Province followed 48 cases (mean age 10.6 years) from a population of 20,000 Melanesians over a two-year period. 32 patients were under 10 years and the male:female ratio was 1.7. Affected muscle was painful, swollen and often fluctuant but hard and indurated in presuppurative(More)
We measured thyroid function in a cross-sectional survey of 37 unselected patients receiving chronic amiodarone treatment. Palpable goitre was presented in 17 patients and was a new finding in ten. Despite frequent elevations of serum free T4 (67%) or free T4 index (43%), all 37 patients were clinically euthyroid with a normal or decreased serum free T3 or(More)