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Priapism is defined as abnormal prolonged penile erection occurring beyond or unrelated to sexual interest. The disorder is enigmatic yet devastating because of its elusive etiology, irreversible erectile tissue damage, and resultant erectile dysfunction (ED). Current management strategies suffer from a poor understanding of the pathophysiology, especially(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic intervillositis of the placenta is known to be associated with poor reproductive outcome and a high risk of recurrence. The aims of the present study were to quantify the risk of recurrence of chronic intervillositis in subsequent pregnancies, to explore if there are possible interventions and to assess the success of interventions. (More)
Male anterior urethral stricture disease is a commonly encountered condition that presents to many urologists. According to a National Practice Survey of Board Certified Urologist in the United States most urologists treat on average 6-20 urethral strictures yearly. Many of those same urologists surveyed treat with repeated dilation or internal urethrotomy,(More)
The present paper serves as a review of the associations between lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and erectile dysfunction (ED), with a focus on common and combined pathways for treatment. LUTS and ED are common conditions seen in general urologic practice. Research has started to establish epidemiologic and pathophysiologic links between the two(More)
This case report describes a patient who presented with symptoms and signs of longstanding fibromyalgia. Routine laboratory tests revealed an elevated anion gap. Evaluation of the elevated anion gap demonstrated elevated lactate and pyruvate levels and a lactate-to-pyruvate ratio greater than 20:1. A muscle biopsy was performed, exhibiting red ragged(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is critical to successful removal of stone burden and is often performed by a specialist other than a urologist. In many regions, however, there is limited availability of such personnel. We reviewed the complication rates that were related to PCNL access when performed at a teaching(More)
The tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure has long been considered the gold standard for female stress incontinence. Since its introduction in 1995, several other tapes and other minimally invasive treatments have arisen. The transobturator tape (TOT) procedure reproduces the natural suspension of the urethra through the obturator and puborectalis(More)
Cancer of the prostate is extremely common and is well known to metastasize to the pelvic lymph nodes and axial skeleton (vertebral column, pelvis, cranium, and proximal femur). However, reports of intracranial metastasis are rare and commonly discovered postmortem. Moreover, metastatic lesions mimicking subdural hematoma are extremely rare and are(More)
Renal injuries are a common occurrence in many trauma cases. The management of these cases varies, but, currently, a conservative, nonoperative approach is the norm. In cases where an operative intervention may be necessary, emergency total nephrectomies are the most commonly performed procedure reported in the literature. There is a dearth in the reporting(More)