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Theoretically, an improvement in a language model occurs as the size of the n-grams increases from 3 to 5 or higher. As the n-gram size increases, the number of parameters and calculations, and the storage requirement increase very rapidly if we attempt to store all possible combinations of n-grams. To avoid these problems, the reduced n-grams' approach(More)
This paper presents the maximum weighted stream posterior (MWSP) model as a robust and efficient stream integration method for audio-visual speech recognition in environments, where the audio or video streams may be subjected to unknown and time-varying corruption. A significant advantage of MWSP is that it does not require any specific measurements of the(More)
The starvation-stress response (SSR) of Salmonella typhimurium encompasses the physiological changes that occur upon starvation for an essential nutrient, e.g. C-source. A subset of SSR genes, known as core SSR genes, are required for the long-term starvation survival of the bacteria. Four core SSR loci have been identified in S. typhimurium: rpoS, stiA,(More)
We describe the development of a multistream HMM based audiovisual speech recognition (AVSR) system and a new method for integrating the audio and visual streams using frame level posterior probabilities. This is compared to the standard feature concatenation and weighted product methods in speaker-dependent tests using our own multimodal database, by(More)
Surgical intervention by a preauricular approach appears to be the preferred treatment in this rare injury. It does not appear necessary or wise to disimpact the condyle as it presents more of a surgical risk and its presence in the cranial fossa seems to pose no neurological problems. The use of an interposing medium, placed after the teeth are secured in(More)
Over the last decade, bone scans have played an increasingly important role in the management of patients with breast carcinoma; by detecting both occult and symptomatic bony metastases. 234 bone scans carried out in this hospital in 1978/79 on patients with breast cancer, at considerable cost to the NHS, are reviewed.