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A morphological analysis of the compartments of the endocytic pathway in baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells has been made using the fluid-phase marker horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The endocytic structures labeled after increasing times of endocytosis have been identified and their volume and surface densities measured. In the first 2 min of HRP uptake the(More)
The intracellular transport of newly synthesized G protein of vesicular stomatitis virus is blocked at 20 degrees C and this spanning membrane glycoprotein accumulates in the last Golgi compartment, the trans Golgi-network (TGN). Previous morphological evidence suggested that the TGN enlarged significantly under this condition. In the present study we have(More)
Eight engineering students graduated with B.S.E. degrees and one student with a B.S. degree. In this project the Young's Modulus and Modulus of Rupture for Baltic birch plywood of multiple plies was determined. These moduli allow predictive analysis to be performed on the behavior of laminated Baltic birch sheets under various loads. Baltic birch, a(More)
  • Hans Angress, Lillian Mattimore, Barbara Lesch Mccaffry, Arline Thomas, Rancho Cotate, Lionel Rawlins +8 others
  • 2012
Annual Greetings! Our 28th year brought another superb lecture series and another busy year for the Alliance. Survivor. We had to say goodbye to Rich Morley who relocated to Southern California and look forward to B.J. Stolbov's return home after a 2 year commitment with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. We continue to seek new board members, especially(More)
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