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The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative was undertaken to make education, training, and lifelong learning available anytime, anywhere (Fletcher, Tobias, & Wisher, 2007). Relying on information and communicative technologies as well as many partnerships, ADL has developed a reference model of specifications and techniques that are being adopted by(More)
Conditions The presentation was created by myself and two other employees of Option Six, Inc. Our purpose for this presentation was to share an effective online pedagogical model we had a part in creating and used extensively over the past year. The presentation was also intended to develop interest in Option Six courses with potential clients. Scope This(More)
Amazon's SimpleDB provides a low-cost, scalable solution for applications requiring robust, potentially processor-intensive database tasks. This article describes lessons learned by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Extension's Academic Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory (AADLC) while using Amazon SimpleDB as a cloud storage solution to(More)
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