Rouwaida Abdallah

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This work considers implementation of requirements expressed as High-level Message Sequence Charts (HMSCs). All HMSCs are not implementable, but a particular subclass called local HMSCs can be implemented using a simple projection operation. This paper proposes a new technique to transform an arbitrary HMSC specification into a local HMSC, hence allowing(More)
This work revisits the problem of program synthesis from specifications described by high-level message sequence charts. We first show that in the general case, synthesis by a simple projection on each component of the system allows more behaviors in the implementation than in the specification. We then show that differences arise from loss of ordering(More)
Arc consistency (AC) is very important in Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs). Several algorithms have been made to deal with arc consistency, the most known is the Maintaining arc consistency algorithm (MAC). The usefulness of AC processing was recognized early. As a result, many AC algorithms for binary constraints have been proposed in the(More)
In this paper, we propose a model-driven framework for security analysis. We present a security analysis process that begins from the design phase of the system architecture then allows performing several security analysis methods. Our approach presents mainly two advantages: First, it allows the traceability of the security analysis methods with the system(More)
We discuss the automatic protocol generation of protocols that can have a specification described by a local High level Message Sequence Chart (HMSC). We will use a synthesis method that allows to any local HMSC to be correctly implementable by adding some stamping information. And we will demonstrate its use by explaining in details the automatic(More)
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