Rouven Kocher

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Disturbed or inadequate sleep is a frequent complaint with a great impact on daily functions and an often chronic course requiring adequate treatment. To choose an appropriate therapy it is necessary to develop a useful, reliable, valid and specific diagnostic procedure. Primary care physicians can recognize and treat most sleep disorders. For special(More)
EMG abnormalities such as short muscle twitches and marked increase of muscle tone can be identified during REM sleep. We compared the polysomnographic parameters of ten alcoholic patients who were sober and medication-free for at least four weeks, five methadone-substituted politoxicomanic patients (MSP) and ten healthy control patients. The alcoholics and(More)
The SWISSspine registry (SSR) was launched in 2005 to assess the safety and effectiveness of balloon kyphoplasty (BKP). In the meantime, repeated reports on high rates of adjacent vertebral fractures (ASF) after BKP of vertebral insufficiency fractures were published. The causes for ASF and their risk factors are still under debate. The purpose of this(More)
A novel brain-selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, SDZ ENA 713, is under development for the treatment of dementia of the Alzheimer type. To determine the threshold dose for central activity, single doses of the compound were administered to 20 young male volunteers in a double-blind cross-over design and the effects on the sleep electroencephalography(More)
The results are reported of many years' experience in the treatment of severe chronic painful conditions, including low back pain, with psychotropic drugs. Out of 103 inpatients with severe chronic painful states, 82 showed considerable improvement after treatment with a combination of antidepressants and neuroleptics. There were also 9 patients with(More)
The results of long experience in the treatment of chronic and severe pains resistant to ordinary therapy with psychotropic drugs are reported. Out of 103 impatients with chronic and severe pains caused by neurological conditions, who were treated with a combination of thymoleptics and neuroleptics, 82 (approx. 82%) showed marked improvement. These(More)
The relaxing effect and the systemic tolerance of a single oral dose of Valverde relaxation dragées have been examined double-blinded against 3 mg of bromazepam and placebo in groups of 20 healthy male volunteers each treatment. The systemic tolerance was assessed at the end of the examination, relying on spontaneous remarks or comments made on side effects(More)
A double blind cross-over study of 20 patients wiht tardive dyskinesia due to chronic use of neuroleptics showed no difference between efficacity of Deanol (Deaner) and placebo. Several patients improved with Deanol (Deaner), whereas several other patients showed increasing dyskinesia. The same phenomenon could be observed in the placebo group. Tolerance of(More)