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The organization of sympathetic preganglionic neurons may be a substrate for selective control of sympathetic outflow to different vascular beds. This study was done to determine the spinal segments containing preganglionic neurons controlling discharge of renal, splenic, and mesenteric postganglionic nerves. In urethan-anesthetized rats, preganglionic(More)
Occupational Therapy in Health Care Monographic " Separates " Below is a list of " separates, " which in serials librarianship means a special issue simultaneously published as a special journal issue or double-issue and as a " separate " hardbound monograph. (This is a format which we also call a " DocuSerial. ") " Separates " are published because(More)
After spinal cord transection in cats and rats, the activity of many sympathetic nerves is not entirely lost, and firing of other nerves continues unabated or is increased. This study was done to evaluate the importance of dorsal root afferent discharge on the generation of tonic sympathetic activity in renal and mesenteric postganglionic nerves in spinal(More)