Roustem D. Saiakhov

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Oral bioavailability (%F) is a key factor that determines the fate of a new drug in clinical trials. Traditionally, %F is measured using costly and time-consuming experimental tests. Developing computational models to evaluate the %F of new drugs before they are synthesized would be beneficial in the drug discovery process. We employed Combinatorial(More)
We describe here the development of a computer program which uses a new method called Expert System Prediction (ESP), to predict toxic end points and pharmacological properties of chemicals based on multiple modules created by the MCASE artificial intelligence system. The modules are generally based on different biological models measuring related end(More)
Fragment based expert system models of toxicological end points are primarily comprised of a set of substructures that are statistically related to the toxic property in question. These special substructures are often referred to as toxicity alerts, toxicophores, or biophores. They are the main building blocks/classifying units of the model, and it is(More)
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