Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

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Conventional open pit mine optimization models for designing mining phases and ultimate pit limit do not consider expected variations and uncertainty in metal content available in a mineral deposit (supply) and commodity prices (market demand). Unlike the conventional approach, a stochastic framework relies on multiple realizations of the input data so as(More)
Spatially distributed natural phenomena represent complex non-linear and non-Gaussian systems. Currently, their spatial distributions are typically studied using second-order spatial statistical models, which are limiting considering the spatial complexity of natural phenomena such as geological applications. High-order geostatistics is a new area of(More)
We generalize the well-known Laguerre series approach to approximate multivariate probability density functions (PDFs) using multidimensional Laguerre polynomials. The generalized Laguerre series, which is defined around a Gamma PDF, is suited for simulating high complex natural phenomena that deviate from Gaussianity. Combining the multivariate Laguerre(More)