Roumiana A. Kountcheva

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In the paper is presented new method for efficient compression of compound still images, containing pictures and texts/graphics. The method is based on the inverse difference pyramid (IDP) image decomposition and lossless coding of the obtained data. The method permits the recognition of texts and graphics in compound images, the setting of corresponding(More)
In the paper is presented new method for lossless compression of biomedical signals, aimed at telemedicine applications and efficient data storage with content protection. The method is based on data compression algorithm developed by the authors. The high compression ratio obtained permits efficient data transfer via communication channels and enhances the(More)
New adaptive method for image compression based on pyramid decomposition with neural networks with error back propagation (BPNN) is presented in this paper. The processed image is divided in blocks and then each is compressed in the space of the hidden layers of 3-layer BPNNs, which build the so-called inverse difference pyramid. The results of the new(More)
The paper presents a new method for image compression and hiding, based on decomposition with multi-layer general spectrum pyramid (GSP). The presented approach permits the insertion of one or more images between the consecutive decomposition layers. The additional information could be used for image authentication, for image contents protection or for(More)
In the paper is presented one new approach for efficient presentation of video sign language interpretations, used in training of hearing impaired people. The idea is based on the use of contour image sequences instead of the original color ones. The aim is to achieve efficient compression, which to offer easier access for distance learning applications or(More)
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