Rouhollah Rahmani

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Classic <i>Content-Based Image Retrieval</i> (CBIR) takes a single non-annotated query image, and retrieves similar images from an image repository. Such a search must rely upon a holistic (or global) view of the image. Yet often the desired content of an image is not holistic, but is localized. Specifically, we define <i>Localized Content-Based Image(More)
Salient points are locations in an image where there is a significant variation with respect to a chosen image feature. Since the set of salient points in an image capture important local characteristics of that image, they can form the basis of a good image representation for content-based image retrieval (CBIR). The features for a salient point should(More)
We present Mi-Winnow, a new multiple-instance learning (MIL) algorithm that provides a new technique to convert MIL data into standard supervised data. In MIL each example is a collection (or bag) of d-dimensional points where each dimension corresponds to a feature. A label is provided for the bag, but not for the individual points within the bag.(More)
As the network and development of multimedia technologies are becoming more popular, users are not satisfied with the traditional information retrieval techniques. so nowadays the content based image retrieval are becoming a source of exact and fast retrieval. In this paper the techniques of content based image retrieval are discussed, analysed and(More)
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