Rouhollah Feghhi

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This paper presents an 8.8-9.8 GHz hybrid power amplifier (PA) designed with GaN HEMT bare die transistors. Generally, hybrid X-band high power amplifier (HPA) suffers from relatively low bandwidth. However, this paper introduces wideband high gain power amplifier, by using low loss Wilkinson combiner/divider, a modified form of taper-based divider, and(More)
This paper presents the first implementation of hybrid 8.8-9.6 GHz X-band class J power amplifier (PA) designed with a GaN HEMT power transistor. High efficiency power amplifiers suffer from nonlinear performance and relatively low bandwidth. The proposed high efficiency class J power amplifier provides larger bandwidth and more convenient linearity(More)
This paper describes some of the most important design considerations such as: transistor and substrate selection for high power, matching network design and stabilization of microwave power amplifiers with discrete die transistor in X-band frequency. According to these considerations, a 30-watt power amplifier with a GaN-HEMT transistor over 8.8 to 9.8GHz(More)
Design and simulation of a low power ultra wide band doubly balanced 2× sub-harmonic direct conversion mixer in a 0.18-μm CMOS technology is presented. The basic idea of the proposed mixer is adopted from the conventional Gilbert cell mixer, with two modifications incorporated. The first is that each of the switching quad transistors is(More)
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