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UNLABELLED Nosocomial infections constitute today a great public health problem that is still ignored or poorly mastered in our health institutions. METHOD A prevalence study initiated by the CLIN (committee for the prevention of nosocomial infections) was recently conducted at the Fann teaching hospital. A questionnaire was prepared and submitted to all(More)
During the cholera epidemic that occurred in Dakar, Senegal in 2004, we treated a total of 593 confirmed or suspected cases in our department. The purpose of this report is to describe epidemiologic, clinical, bacteriologic and therapeutic aspects of these cases. Study was conducted at the infectious diseases clinic from October 11 to December 20, 2004.(More)
Diarrhea is the most common opportunistic infection in AIDS. We conducted at the Fann National University Hospital in Dakar, a study of all patients living with HIV, hospitalized in the the Clinical service of Infectious Diseases from 1 January 2003 to December 31, 2006, with diarrhea and having received an bacteriological and / or a parasitological(More)
We aimed to detect the extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) secreted by clinical strains of Escherichia coli at Fann University Hospital in Dakar and to characterize them molecularly. We identified 32 isolates producing ESBLs. The CTX-M-15 gene was the most frequently detected ESBL gene, detected in 90.63% of the isolates studied.
Results One Hundred and forty six multiresistant bacteria (146) among the 709 multiresistant strains were isolated from blood cultures (20,59%). The mean age was 27,18 years [range=1 – 84] with a sex ratio of 1.15. Most of the patients were hospitalized (91, 1%). The infectious diseases clinic provides most of the multiresistant bacteria (39, 72 %),(More)
INTRODUCTION Handwashing is usually neglected in hospital settings. The objective of this study was to draw attention of health workers in Fann hospital as part of the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was carried out prospectively from April 26h to May 25th. An anonymous questionnaire was administered by 20(More)
Results During the study period, 123 patients were followed up and 79 urine samples were made corresponding to 56.4% of all diagnostic samples. The average age of patients was 55 ± 21.22 and sex ratio of 0.97. Thirty-nine percent of patients were admitted with a neurological disorder. These patients were referred by another health facility (56.3%) came from(More)
Bacterial infections take up an important place in tropical pathology and have an increased death-rate. Among the causes of this strong mortality, the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics keeps a dominant part. We carried out, between January 1999 and December 2000 a study aiming to establish the distribution of the most frequently isolated germs at the(More)