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Nutritional values and antioxidant potential of some edible mushrooms of Kashmir valley.
Mushrooms are considered rich in proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. The present study was carried out to evaluate some edible mushrooms of Kashmir valley for their protein, carbohydrate andExpand
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Potential antioxidant activity of some mushrooms growing in Kashmir Valley.
In the present study some mushrooms were collected from different sites/forest areas of south Kashmir and then were evaluated for antioxidant activity. It was revealed from the study the all theExpand
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Mushroom refinement endeavor auspicate non green revolution in the offing
Abstract. Pala SA, Wani AH, Boda RH, Wani BA. 2014. Mushroom refinement endeavor auspicate non green revolution in the offing. Nusantara Bioscience 6: 173-185. Mushroom can serve as food, tonic, andExpand
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Two new records of mushrooms from Kashmir Valley
During surveys in 2008-2009 for exploring the mushroom flora of southern Kashmir Himalyas,  two species of mushrooms,  Sarcoscypha coccinea (Jacq.) Sacc. and Scutellinia scutellata (L.) Lamb. wereExpand
Fungal Diversity in the Kashmir Himalaya
The present chapter has documented a total of 548 species of fungi, including 268 species of micro- and 280 species of macro-fungi, from Jammu and Kashmir State, mainly based on review of publishedExpand
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