Roubert Bernard

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between delirium in the intensive care unit (ICU) and outcomes including length of stay in the hospital. DESIGN A prospective cohort study. SETTING The adult medical ICU of a tertiary care, university-based medical center. PARTICIPANTS The study population consisted of 48 patients admitted to the ICU, 24(More)
The risk of perinatal death is displayed for '56 growth combinations', then contracted into 16 gestational age/birthweight categories (GA/BW) with additional control for antenatal visits (AV;CARE) for 36 000 singleton birth deliveries monitored in Indonesia from 1978-1980. For virtually all GA/BW combinations, the risk of perinatal death (PD) drops(More)
Regression analyses of preliminary data from 8818 consecutive singleton pregnancies in a study (Medical University of Debrecen, Hungary) concerning the effects of smoking during pregnancy and of a history of induced abortion on birth weight and gestational age are presented. Both individual variables and interaction effects were assessed. It was found(More)
This study examines the impact of contraceptive counseling on 3 263 women hospitalized in Khartoum for treatment of incomplete abortion. The analysis which focused on education and parity/child desire, revealed that the counseling program produced contraceptive acceptance among 47.0% of those followed up. In spite of the counseling efforts, half of the(More)
In countries where induced abortion is permitted, national family planning programs are able to combine pre- and postconceptive fertility control methods to maximize success in achieving personally desired fertility levels and nationally desired growth levels. The proscription against induced abortion tends to produce criminal abortions and consequent(More)
Expansion of previous analytical work with MCM data in Indonesia focuses on antenatal visits (AV). AV is introduced as a systematic co-control of the risk of SB with either registration status, maternal morbidity, complication of labor/delivery or birth weight. 20 out of 22 control categories reveal risk profiles dependent on antenatal visits, the two(More)
The article compares seasonal variation in conception in Baroda and Manipal, both at sea level on the west coast of India. The maximum seasonal difference in mean monthly temperature is 3.5 degrees C in Manipal, and 11.3 degrees C in Baroda. Both are industrialized towns, Manipal serving the surrounding taluk of Udupi. Clinical records were obtained from(More)
Epidemiological study of maternal death in Indonesia and Sweden suggests a link between two unrelated data sets. Fifty years ago ('1930'), the Swedish maternal death risk exhibited a pronounced J-shaped pattern by maternal age; and a similar pronounced J-shaped pattern is observed 50 years later in Indonesia for women with prolonged/obstructed labor(More)