Rouba Borghol

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Actually this inequality is valid for a much wider class of operators in divergence form with a power-type growth. Among the important consequences of this inequality are the Hölder continuity of the weak solutions of (1.1 ) and the two-side estimate of solutions admitting an isolated singularity. Among more sophisticated consequences are the obtention of(More)
Abstract We study the boundary behaviour of solutions u of −∆Nu + |u| u = 0 in a bounded smooth domain Ω ⊂ R subject to the boundary condition u = 0 except at one point, in the range q > N − 1. We prove that if q ≥ 2N − 1 such a u is identically zero, while, if N − 1 < q < 2N − 1, u inherits a boundary behaviour which either corresponds to a weak(More)
Many security protocols have been developed to handle security problems in various circumstances. However, these protocols are often limited to client/server architectures and cannot answer special application and network’s needs such as securing audio/video applications or transactions between several nodes in wireless mesh networks. In this paper, we(More)
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