Rosy Williams

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The thioredoxin system (NADPH, thioredoxin reductase/ thioredoxin) is important for cancer cell growth and inhibition of apoptosis and presents an attractive target for anticancer drug development. Thioredoxin reductase is a selenocysteine-containing flavoenzyme that catalyzes the reduction of oxidized thioredoxin. This enzyme could therefore be used for(More)
Small molecule FKBP inhibitors were prepared with inhibitory activity ranging from micromolar to nanomolar. The design of these inhibitors derives from a structural analysis of the substrates for FKBP and cyclophilin. As a consequence of this analysis two key observations were made, namely: (1) amino ketone moieties are suitable as FKBP recognition elements(More)
We present a patient with features of Ulnar Mammary syndrome (UMS) consisting of bilateral ulnar defects, inverted nipples, short stature with associated growth hormone deficiency, and cryptorchidism. Our patient also had a hypoplastic anterior pituitary and an ectopic posterior pituitary gland, ventricular septal defect (VSD), and cardiac conduction(More)
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