Rostislav V. Roussev

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—We demonstrate a four-user 10-Gb/s spectrally phase-coded optical code-division multiple-access system via nonlinear processing with ultralow power (30 fJ/bit). Full interference suppression is achieved in a time-slotted scheme without the need for chip-level coordination and synchronous detection. Performance degradation caused by pulse overlap between(More)
—Reconfigurable all-optical code translation are demonstrated in a spectrally phase-coded optical-code-division multiple-access (O-CDMA) testbed with an interference user. For both one-stage and two-stage code translations, less than 0.9-dB power penalties are induced at each code translation. Multistage code translations are investigated via simulation and(More)
We demonstrate a multiuser , 10 Gb/s spectrally phase coded O-CDMA system with hybrid chip and slot-level timing coordination utilizing low power nonlinear processing. A new double Hadamard coding scheme is demonstrated to enable both chip-level timing coordination and full interference suppression without the need for synchronous detection. Coherent(More)
Combining reverse proton exchange and uniform periodic poling in LiNbO3 planar waveguides, we demonstrate low-energy spatial optical solitons by second-harmonic generation at room temperature, with a threshold as low as 23 pJ/microm at 1.5 microm.
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