Rostislav S Stoika

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AIM 1) To investigate the effect of X-rays on expression of Bax, Bad, and Bcl-2 proteins in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells, sensitive (MCF-7(wt)) and resistant (MCF-7(DOX/R)) to doxorubicin; 2) to measure X-radiation-induced DNA damage in order to clarify if changes in the expression of those proteins and DNA repair capacity can be responsible for the(More)
Recently, we found increased levels of α-d-mannose- and β-d-galactose-containing glycoproteins in plasma membrane of the apoptotic murine leukemia L1210 cells (Bilyy & Stoika 2003). That indicator was suggested to be a novel marker of apoptosis in L1210 cells. The aim of our present work was to reveal if these changes in glycoprotein expression can be(More)
N-Stearoylethanolamine (NSE) is a minor lipid that belongs to the N-Acylethanolamines family that mediates a wide range of biological processes. This study investigates the mechanisms of anti-inflammatory action of NSE on different model systems. Namely, we estimated the effect of NSE on inflammatory cytokines mRNA level (leukemia cells L1210), cytokines(More)
AIMS Pituitary tumor-transforming gene (PTTG) is involved in multiple cellular pathways. We studied the development of liver fibrosis induced by thioacetamide (TAA) in knockout (PTTG-/-) and wildtype (PTTG+/+) mice. MAIN METHODS Liver fibrosis in PTTG+/+ and PTTG-/- mice was induced by escalating dose TAA treatment (50-400mg/kg, i.p.) for 12 weeks and(More)
Various concentration of fructose-1.6-diphosphate, malate, oxaloacetate, creatine phosphate, ATP, ADP and AMP were studied for their effect on the activity of A4-and B4-isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, EC 1, 1. 1. 27) produced from skeletal muscles and unfertilized egg cells of Misgurnus fossilis in the reactions of lactate oxidation and pyruvate(More)
AIM To measure nitric oxide (NO) production in the form of nitrite derivative in relation to cell viability and apoptosis development in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells compared to that processes in human leukemic Jurkat T-cell line. METHODS Apoptosis was induced by dexamethasone (1 microg/ml) or NaNO(2) (7 microg/ml) added in the presence or(More)
The aim of this work was to study the proteolytic activity of IgGs purified from blood serum of Wistar rats at experimental rheumatoid arthritis (ERA) induced by an injection of bovine collagen of type II. Twenty rats were immunized with a preparation of bovine collagen II (Sigma-Aldrich, USA) in the presence of complete Freund's adjuvant. ERA development(More)
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