Rostislav Miarka

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This article presents representation of knowledge patterns in RDF language. The approach to knowledge representation can be used in Semantic Web as a tool of finding some additional RDF assertions in the frame of linked data. The article introduces the term “knowledge pattern” and dividing the knowledge patterns into two groups – to Top-level knowledge(More)
This paper describes the knowledge patterns for the conversion of sentences in natural language into RDF graph language. While creating knowledge base in RDF graph language from sentences expressed in natural language, one must convert words from sentences to nodes and arcs in RDF graphs. For this conversion, it is important to know which members of a(More)
Each language has its word order, which determines the way of ordering words in a sentence. This paper presents knowledge patterns for sentences in the English language. Knowledge patterns are general patterns of knowledge which can be used in any knowledge base or ontology. While using them, the general symbols from the pattern are renamed to special(More)
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