Rostand Mitouassiwou

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A platform to study ultrasound as a source for wireless energy transfer and communication for implanted medical devices is described. A tank is used as a container for a pair of electroacoustic transducers, where a control unit is fixed to one wall of the tank and a transponder can be manually moved in three axes and rotate using a mechanical system. The(More)
We present a new superheterodyne technique for long-distance measurements by two-wavelength interferometry (TWI). While conventional systems use two acousto-optic modulators to generate two different heterodyne frequencies, here the two frequencies result from synchronized sweeps of optical and radio frequencies. A distributed feedback laser source is(More)
We present a new technique applied to the variable optical synthetic wavelength generation in optical interferometry. It consists of a chain of optical injection locking among three lasers: first a distributed-feedback laser is used as a master to injection lock an intensity-modulated laser that is directly modulated around 15 GHz by a radio frequency(More)
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