Rosslin John Robles

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Smart Home technology started for more than a decade to introduce the concept of networking devices and equipment in the house. According to the Smart Homes Association the best definition of smart home technology is: the integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living. Many tools that are used in computer(More)
Wireless networking provides many advantages, but it also coupled with new security threats and alters the organization's overall information security risk profile. Although implementation of technological solutions is the usual respond to wireless security threats and vulnerabilities, wireless security is primarily a management issue. Effective management(More)
Critical Infrastructures are so vital that a damage or breakage of it will greatly affect the society and economy. SCADA systems play a big role on Critical Infrastructure since most of these infrastructures are controlled systems. Presented in this paper are the vulnerabilities of a SCADA system, its effect to the society and the ways to prevent such(More)
Computer network security is now a days gaining popularity among network users. Organizations are spending more time and money for securing their information. Security is also more considered by the network researchers due to the importance of network security has grown unbelievably. Finite Automata or the state machine is a mathematical model to designing(More)