Rosslin John Robles

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is leaning more on their information technology (IT) infrastructure but they lack the means to secure it appropriately due to financial restrictions, limited resources, and adequate know-how. Many SME managers believe that IT security in their company is basically equivalent to having a firewall and updating the antivirus(More)
Attaining security through cryptography techniques can be puzzling. A large and potentially confusing variety of security solutions are built from a relatively small number of primitive cryptographic components. It is widely recognized however; that data security will play a crucial role in modern times for business will be transacted over the internet and(More)
Information Technology (IT) governance is important in every Enterprise to ensure the execution of the firm's security policies and procedures. It is a subset discipline of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems and their performance and risk management. This paper sights current some problems. It also presents the framework for(More)
In Symmetric encryption, a secret key, which can be a number, a word, or just a string of random letters, is applied to the text of a message to change the content in a particular way. While is Asymmetric Encryption, two keys are used. A public key is made freely available to anyone who might want to send you a message. A second, private key is kept secret,(More)
Many synchronization algorithms for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems have been proposed. Among them, the time synchronization algorithm by correlating the training sequence with the local known sequence can obtain good performance with a sharp synchronization peak. Detection threshold is an important and necessary parameter in time(More)