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Antibacterial Activity Test of Endophytic Fungus from Mangrove Plant (Rhizophora apiculata L.) and (Bruguiera gymnorrizha (L.) Lamk.) Against Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 700603
Pathogenic bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae is the cause of pneumonia disease in infants and adults. Antibiotics treatment is usually used to treat this disease. However, synthetic antibiotic use couldExpand
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Some biological activities of Pycnanthus angolensis (Welw.) Warb
Pycnanthus angolensis (family Myristicaceae) is used in a variety of herbal therapies for treating skin, oral chest and gastro-intestinal ailments. However, its use in malaria control at the larvalExpand
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Studies of Larvicidal and Antibacterial Sensitivity Potential of Viscum album
The plant, Viscum album , is implicated in a variety of therapies ranging from skin, gastrointestinal, hypertension to tumour problems, therefore, it has served humanity for centuries. However, itsExpand
Evaluation of larvicidal and antimicrobial potential of Dacryodes edulis G. Don; H. J. Lam. (Burseraceae)
Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae) is an herbal recipe used in the treatment and or management of earache, fever and headache in ethno-medicine. However, its use in malaria control at the larval stage isExpand
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