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BACKGROUND Brugada syndrome is associated with a high risk of sudden cardiac death and is caused by mutations in the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel gene. Previously, the R282H-SCN5A mutation in the sodium channel gene was identified in patients with Brugada syndrome. In a family carrying the R282H-SCN5A mutation, an asymptomatic individual had a(More)
We report the case of an 86-year-old man referred for abdominal pain and ECG signs of inferior myocardial infarction. Transthoracic, transoesophageal and contrast echocardiographs showed a septal intra-mural haematoma, dissecting the right ventricle wall and partially obliterating the right ventricle lumen. A patent communication with left ventricle with(More)
Experiments were aimed at assessing a possible different sensitiveness to seizures in aggressive vs. nonaggressive rates. Thirty-nine muricidal rats were selected by using a sedated mouse. Six of these killer rats (K) showed electroencephalographic (EEG) spontaneous syncronous wave-and-spike discharges, 6-11 c/s. None of nonkiller animals (NK) showed a(More)
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