Rossella Raso

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Developments in computational techniques including clinical decision support systems, information processing, wireless communication and data mining hold new premises in Personal Health Systems. Pervasive Healthcare system architecture finds today an effective application and represents in perspective a real technological breakthrough promoting a paradigm(More)
Joint attention (JA), whose deficit is an early risk marker for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), has two dimensions: (1) responding to JA and (2) initiating JA. Eye-tracking technology has largely been used to investigate responding JA, but rarely to study initiating JA especially in young children with ASD. The aim of this study was to describe the(More)
Extravascular lung water is a crucial parameter for the management of many different pathological conditions, especially heart failure. Many modalities can be employed for its evaluation, each with different advantages and limitations. In a near future, we hope that extravascular lung water assessment could be performed by non-invasive wearable devices,(More)
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