Rossella Lodato

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Studies of breathing pattern have focused primarily on changes in the mean values of the breathing pattern components, whereas there has been minimal investigation of breath-to-breath variability, which should provide information on the constancy with which respiration is controlled. In this study we examined the variability of breathing pattern both on a(More)
To determine the fraction of variational activity that is correlated on a breath-to-breath basis from uncorrelated random fluctuations, we performed autocorrelation analysis in 33 normal subjects during resting breathing. A calibrated inductive plethysmograph was used to nonobtrusively record 700 breaths in each subject. The group mean autocorrelation(More)
Inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) have been reported to increase mean arterial pressure in animal models of sepsis and recently have been given to patients in septic shock. However, controlled studies to determine the effects of these agents on cardiovascular function and survival in awake animal models of sepsis have not been reported. To examine(More)
Normobaric hyperoxia decreases heart rate (HR) in humans and animals. This study explored the mechanisms of hyperoxic bradycardia by examining its response time, autonomic neural mediation, and reversibility in conscious dogs. Five trained mongrel dogs breathed from a mask as the inspired gas was alternated between air and O2 for multiple cycles, and(More)
—The current evolution of the traditional medical model toward the participatory medicine can be boosted by the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm involving sensors (environmental, wearable, and implanted) spread inside domestic environments with the purpose to monitor the user's health and activate remote assistance. RF identification (RFID) technology is(More)
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