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In order to study possible biological effects of electromagnetic (EM) fields generated by Wi-Fi devices, an exposure system based on a Wire Patch Cell (WPC) has been designed, fabricated and fully characterized. The system is suitable to expose, in the whole band of the Wi-Fi signal, cell monolayers plated on the bottom of four 35-mm Petri dishes, filled(More)
The current evolution of the traditional medical model toward the participatory medicine can be boosted by the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm involving sensors (environmental, wearable, and implanted) spread inside domestic environments with the purpose to monitor the user's health and activate remote assistance. RF identification (RFID) technology is(More)
Implanted RFID may play an important role in the personal Healthcare of next future. Antenna embedded into prosthesis or into other implanted medical devices could permit to monitor physiological and pathological processes, providing a natural interconnection to remote services. The big technical challenge is to establish a stable RFID link with the(More)
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