Rossano Grassi

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The purpose of our research was to evaluate the attitude to face the life cycle and the impact that the experience of childhood leukemia may have had in a group of adolescents who had the disease cured. A questionnaire was administered at the Pediatric Hematology Center, San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy, to all former patients age 12 to 20 years and off(More)
OBJECTIVES The paper presents a method of content analysis framed within a semiotic and contextual model of the psychotherapy process as a situated dynamics of sensemaking: the Dynamic Mapping of the Structures of Content in Clinical Settings (DMSC). DESIGN DMSC is a system of content analysis focused on a generalized level of meaning, concerning basic(More)
Toxoplasma antibodies in five women sera during the pregnancy were detected by direct agglutination and immunofluorescent tests both for IgG and IgM. The presence and the changes of the IgG and IgM titers are related to the abortion and/or foetal pathology. In order to prevent such a risk the authors suggest to test all the women before or early in the(More)
During a 6-month period approximately 20% of the 589 patients admitted to the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), and who did not die, stayed less than 48 hours. About two thirds of these short-stay admissions (13% of the total number of admissions during the study period) were judged inappropriate on clinical grounds. This(More)
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