Rossano Butcher

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Although microsatellites are ubiquitous in eukaryota, the number of available markers varies strongly among taxa. This meta-analysis was conducted on 32 insect species. Sequences were obtained from two assembled whole genomes, whole genome shotgun (WGS) sequences from 10 species and screening partial genomic libraries for microsatellites from 23 species. We(More)
The activities of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole, singly and in combination, were compared with the activities of six other antimicrobial drugs against 50 anaerobic bacteria isolated from clinical specimens. Trimethoprim alone had little activity against the anaerobes tested, but sulfamethoxazole and the sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim combination were(More)
A new device has been developed for efficient washing of phosphocellulose disks used in enzymatic assays of antibiotics. Its construction and operation are described. The device allows all disks to receive identical washing, including agitation, and the sequence of the disks is maintained. A comparison has been made of the results of adenylation assay of(More)
Four cases of peritonitis caused by the filamentous fungus Paecilomyces variotii in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are reported. Removal of the Tenckhoff catheter and antifungal chemotherapy led to resolution of symptoms in all cases. Possible contaminating events are discussed, and reported infections with P. variotii are reviewed.
The island rule generally states that larger species are dwarfed on islands while smaller species exhibit gigantism. Among the smaller species in which this pattern has been observed, rodents have been a focus of numerous studies. Through our long-term trapping on the Boston Harbor Islands, USA, we have revealed that the white-footed mice on Bumpkin and(More)
An improved, rapid and accurate enzymatic adenylation assay for gentamicin has been developed. It can be completed in one hour with an accuracy of +/- 2.7% (+/- 1 SD) for the range of gentamicin concentrations of 6-12 microgram/ml. Concentrated enzyme was used to prepare a complete adenylation mixture, which was stored frozen in aliquots suitable for daily(More)
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