Rossana Ritelli

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Pancreatic cancer stem-like cells are described by membrane expression of CD24, CD44 and ESA (epithelial-specific antigen) and their capacity to grow as spheres in a serum-free medium containing well-defined growth factors. The capacity of a panel of four pancreatic cancer cell lines (PANC-1, CFPAC-1, PancTu-1 and PSN-1) to form spheres was tested. All cell(More)
BACKGROUND Protein kinases are key regulators of cellular processes (such as proliferation, apoptosis and invasion) that are often deregulated in human cancers. Accordingly, kinase genes have been the first to be systematically analyzed in human tumors leading to the discovery that many oncogenes correspond to mutated kinases. In most cases the genetic(More)
OBJECT Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal human cancer and appropriate experimental tumor models are needed for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches. This paper describes an experimental model of human pancreatic cancer and a related non invasive imaging technique suitable for monitoring tumor growth and metastatization. The aim of(More)
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