Rossana Piccioni

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We report the genome-wide mapping of ORC1 binding sites in mammals, by chromatin immunoprecipitation and parallel sequencing (ChIP-seq). ORC1 binding sites in HeLa cells were validated as active DNA replication origins (ORIs) using Repli-seq, a method that allows identification of ORI-containing regions by parallel sequencing of temporally ordered(More)
UNLABELLED The identification of genes maintaining cancer growth is critical to our understanding of tumorigenesis. We report the first in vivo genetic screen of patient-derived tumors, using metastatic melanomas and targeting 236 chromatin genes by expression of specific shRNA libraries. Our screens revealed unprecedented numerosity of genes indispensable(More)
The charge asymmetry in the decay KL T*~‘v has been measured to be (2.78 f 0.5 1) x 10B3, leading to a value of Re E in good agreement with the results from the KL 27r decay modes, (Submitted to Phys. Rev.) *Work supported by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. t-Present address: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. ttPresent address:(More)
A 20-plane wire chamber spectrometer utilizing capacitors as memory elements and suitable for operation in a magnetic field is described. The (parallel) wire planes are separated by N 1 cm. The active areas of the chambers range in size from 120 X I20 cm2 t0 200 x 240 cm2, The wire separation is 1 mm. Each readout wire is connected to a separate capacitor(More)
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