Rossana Foti

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The eukaryotic genome is replicated according to a specific spatio-temporal programme. However, little is known about both its molecular control and biological significance. Here, we identify mouse Rif1 as a key player in the regulation of DNA replication timing. We show that Rif1 deficiency in primary cells results in an unprecedented global alteration of(More)
DNA replication is temporally and spatially organized in all eukaryotes, yet the molecular control and biological function of the replication-timing program are unclear. Rif1 is required for normal genome-wide regulation of replication timing, but its molecular function is poorly understood. Here we show that in mouse embryonic stem cells, Rif1 coats(More)
Development of village chicken production can be a sustainable way of helping to meet the welfare needs of rural populations and raise their living standards. There is a dearth of information on research conducted to characterize, understand and develop the village chicken production systems in Zimbabwe. This review focuses on constraints, opportunities and(More)
Thank you for submitting your manuscript on mouse Rif1 and replication timing for consideration by The EMBO Journal. It has now been evaluated by three referees, whose reports are copied below. While the all consider your findings as potentially important, interesting and timely, they at the same time find the study presently still preliminary, and raise a(More)
The aim of this paper was to study the potential technological and probiotic properties of bifidobacteria isolated from human feces. Bifidobacteria, naturally present in the dominant colonic microbiota, represent up to 25% of the cultivable faecal bacteria in adults and 80% in infants. Bifidobacteria have been shown to adhere and colonize in high numbers(More)
Relatively high levels of antibody to human enteric coronavirus-like particles were detected in the sera from rural Aborigines in Australia. Levels were generally much lower in the sera from urban Aborigines, and extremely low to not detectable in the sera from Europeans. Antibody to coronavirus-like particles was also detected in the sera from rural blacks(More)
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