Ross Williams

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Multicollector ICP-MS has been used for the precise measurement of variations in the isotopic composition of the isotopic standard of magnesium (SRM980) provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, MD, USA). The SRM980 consists of metal chips weighing between 1 and 50 mg and each unit delivered by the National Institute of(More)
Several authors have proposed that predictions of protein secondary structure derived from statistical information about the known structures can be improved when information about neighboring residues participating in short and medium range interactions is included. A substantial improvement shown here indicates that current methods of including this(More)
Folded proteins display considerable conformational diversity at the tertiary structural level, but only a few secondary structures with long-range order are observed: helices (R and 3 10) and sheets (parallel and antiparallel). 2a Understanding the origins of helix and sheet conformational stability is therefore a prerequisite for understanding the origins(More)
Imaging with ultrasonic plane waves enables the combination of Doppler and microbubble contrast-enhanced imaging without compromising the Doppler ensemble length, as is the case for conventional line-by-line imaging, thus maintaining flow sensitivity. This permits the separation of conduit flow in large vessels from the perfusion background and the(More)
It's a familiar if not fully explained paradigm. A " World Class University " (WCU) is supposed to have highly ranked research output, a culture of excellence, great facilities, and a brand name that transcends national borders. But perhaps most importantly, the particular institution needs to sit in the upper echelons of one or more world rankings(More)
We have analyzed variation in the structure of the human photoreceptor mosaic as a function of age, sex, and retinal location using the nearest neighbor and density recovery profile methods. In contrast to most previous work, we have focused our analysis on the mid- and far-peripheral human retina. Video-enhanced differential interference contrast optics(More)
The post-mortem cooling of the human head, over the first fifteen hours after death, was measured by infrared thermology. A detailed temperature map of the head and face was obtained by the use of image processing techniques and the cooling behaviour of twelve preselected facial features was observed. The two main findings of the study were a difference in(More)
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