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We exploit a property of microalgae-that of their ability to autofluoresce when exposed to epifluorescence illumination-to tackle the problem of detecting and analysing microalgae in sediment samples containing complex scenes. We have added fluorescence excitation to the hardware portion of our microalgae image processing system. We quantitatively measured(More)
This paper describes methods of image analysis for historical Japanese book archives with a dominant focus on character segmentation. The segmentation methodology includes stain and smear removal, binarization, character line extraction, and character extraction by region labeling with integration and separation techniques. The experimental results show(More)
Due to today's product miniaturisation trend and a constant need for fast changeover to meet the rapid production change, there is a need to develop high yield affordable systems for miniaturised product assembly. Compliant micro-positioning stages offer low-cost high precision and high repeatability but limited workspace and nonlinear behaviour. This paper(More)
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