Ross W. Millar

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Two-alternative forced-choice procedures were used to measure the detectability of bright and dark bars at various locations across luminance patterns that produced Mach bands. Detection performance was significantly affected by both dark and bright Mach bands: poor detection performance was observed at locations near, but not in, the Mach bands; relatively(More)
CONTEXT Recurring problems with patient safety have led to a growing interest in helping hospitals' governing bodies provide more effective oversight of the quality and safety of their services. National directives and initiatives emphasize the importance of action by boards, but the empirical basis for informing effective hospital board oversight has yet(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to present a study of how quality improvement tools and techniques are framed within healthcare settings. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH The paper employs an interpretive approach to understand how quality improvement tools and techniques are mobilised and legitimated. It does so using a case study of the NHS(More)
The room temperature photoluminescence from Ge nanopillars has been extended from 1.6 μm to above 2.25 μm wavelength through the application of tensile stress from silicon nitride stressors deposited by inductively-coupled-plasma plasma-enhanced chemical-vapour-deposition. Photoluminescence measurements demonstrate biaxial equivalent tensile strains of up(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to reflect on social enterprise as an organisational form in health organisation and management. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH The paper presents a critique of the underlying assumptions associated with social enterprise in the context of English health and social care. FINDINGS The rise of social enterprise models of(More)
Novel nitration systems comprising nitric acid, trifluoroacetic anhydride and zeolite Hβ, with or without acetic anhydride, are described. The system having no acetic anhydride is more active and readily nitrates deactivated substrates such as nitrobenzene, benzonitrile, benzoic acid or 4-nitrotoluene to give predominantly the product substituted meta to(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine whether the Health System Reforms delivered the promise of being a coherent and mutually supporting reform programme; to identify the underlying programme theory of the reform programme; to reflect on whether lessons have been learned. METHODS Documentary analysis mapping the implicit and explicit programme theories about how the(More)
Ge on Si micro-disk, ring and racetrack cavities are fabricated and strained using silicon nitride stressor layers. Photoluminescence measurements demonstrate emission at wavelengths ≥ 2.3 μm, and the highest strained samples demonstrate in-plane, tensile strains of > 2 %, as measured by Raman spectroscopy. Strain analysis of the micro-disk structures(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital boards, those executive members charged with developing appropriate organisational strategies and cultures, have an important role to play in safeguarding the care provided by their organisation. However, recent concerns have been raised over boards' ability to enact their duty to ensure the quality and safety of care. This paper offers(More)
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore recent healthcare reform in China. Reflecting on the current literature, the viewpoint argues that greater attention should be paid to healthcare reform in China as a public policy process, particularly one that is built on policy experimentation. Design/methodology/approach - The viewpoint argues that while(More)