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Interrelations of fungal mycelium with other soil biota are of paramount importance in forestry and soil ecology. Here we present the results of statistical analysis of a comprehensive data set collected in the first (and the only) British fungus sanctuary over a period of four months. The variables studied included a number of soil properties, bacteria,(More)
The use of regional citrate anticoagulation as an alternative to standard therapy in hemodialysis patients at risk for bleeding complications has been well described. Recently, a method using hypertonic citrate has been reported as being safe and efficacious, and having several advantages over the usual techniques. Two patients who suffered cardiac arrests(More)
Microscopic hematuria is not infrequently seen in the aviator population. After appropriate evaluation, excluding renal biopsy, such a finding is commonly diagnosed as "benign microscopic hematuria," and no further action is taken. The clinical case presented here involves a student naval aviator whose only findings were microscopic hematuria and a(More)
INTRODUCTION Parts A and B of the ICH S7 guidelines on safety pharmacology describe the in vivo studies that must be conducted prior to first time in man administration of any new pharmaceutical. ICH S7A requires a consideration of the sensitivity and reproducibility of the test systems used. This could encompass maintaining a dataset of historical pre-dose(More)
To determine the contribution of the tubuloglomerular feedback (TGF) system to glomerular hyperfunction after extensive loss of renal mass, TGF was assessed in anesthetized Sprague-Dawley rats 7 days after 5/6 reduction of renal mass (2/3 infarction of 1 kidney plus contralateral nephrectomy) or sham surgery. Five-sixths renal ablation significantly(More)