Ross Rudolph

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Fibrous tissue capsules, from around silicone breast implants, were examined by light microscopy, and by transmission and scanning electron microscopy, the latter combined with energy dispersive X-ray analysis. Contractile fibroblasts (myofibroblasts) were found in most of these fibrous capsules, and especially in those recently formed or manipulated. The(More)
Progressive spread of necrosis in the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the scrotum is the key feature of idiopathic scrotal gangrene. The disease may present initially as an acute abdomen, but laparotomy should be avoided. Usually an anaerobic Streptococcus is found, acting in synergism with aerobic, frequently gram-negative, bacilli. As in other(More)
Complications of modern surgery for radiotherapy skin damage reviewed in 28 patients who had 42 operations. Thin split-thickness skin grafts for ulcer treatment had a 100 percent complication rate, defined as the need for further surgery. Local flaps, whether delayed or not, also had a high rate of complications. Myocutaneous flaps for ulcers had a 43(More)
We present two patients with an aggressive form of sclerosing mesenteritis characterized by a progressive, life-threatening course, prominent retroperitoneal disease, and tubuloreticular structures in one case, an ultrastructural feature associated with autoimmune and cyclophosphamide-responsive diseases. In both patients, aggressive immunosuppressive(More)
Some human chronic dermal wounds treated with recombinant platelet-derived growth factor-BB (rPDGF-BB) show increased healing coupled with fibroblast activation and granulation tissue formation. To determine whether endogenous PDGF is associated with healing and nonhealing dermal ulcer phenotypes, we developed monoclonal antibodies capable of recognizing(More)
Skin ulceration caused by extravasation of Adriamycin follows a severely protracted course accompanied by considerable morbidity. To develop an animal model of Adriamycin ulceration, we compared intradermal injection of Adriamycin to injection beneath the panniculus carnosus with varying drug volumes and concentrations. Injections beneath the rat panniculus(More)
Epidermal T cells have been shown to play unique roles in tissue homeostasis and repair in mice through local secretion of distinct growth factors in the skin. Human epidermis contains both alphabeta(+) and gammadelta(+) T cells whose functional capabilities are not understood. We demonstrate that human epidermal T cells are able to produce insulin-like(More)
Marrow grafts were carried out between 16 canine sibling donor-recipient pairs. The pairs were matched by serological histocompatibility testing and were nonreactive in a one-way mixed leukocyte culture. Recipients were prepared for transplantation by 1500-1580 R of total body irradiation. Donor marrow was infused within 4 hr of irradiation. Recipients were(More)