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We present two patients with an aggressive form of sclerosing mesenteritis characterized by a progressive, life-threatening course, prominent retroperitoneal disease, and tubuloreticular structures in one case, an ultrastructural feature associated with autoimmune and cyclophosphamide-responsive diseases. In both patients, aggressive immunosuppressive(More)
  • R Rudolph
  • 1982
Complications of modern surgery for radiotherapy skin damage reviewed in 28 patients who had 42 operations. Thin split-thickness skin grafts for ulcer treatment had a 100 percent complication rate, defined as the need for further surgery. Local flaps, whether delayed or not, also had a high rate of complications. Myocutaneous flaps for ulcers had a 43(More)
Progressive spread of necrosis in the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the scrotum is the key feature of idiopathic scrotal gangrene. The disease may present initially as an acute abdomen, but laparotomy should be avoided. Usually an anaerobic Streptococcus is found, acting in synergism with aerobic, frequently gram-negative, bacilli. As in other(More)
The normal contraction of open wounds and many forms of pathologic contracture are related by the presence of a contractile fibroblast known as a myofibroblast. The function of this cell has been postulated as a result of previous pharmacological, immunological, and biochemical testing on strips of contracted connective tissue. The purpose of this study was(More)
Two new types of silicone mammary-type implants designed to reduce silicone leakage by a gel barrier or to insulate tissue from silica in standard implants (by silicone coating) were placed in rabbits. Standard-type silicone implants were placed as controls. Capsules histologically similar to those that occur in humans occurred around many implants,(More)